Orcs Set D


Set of miniatures containing 3 orcs.
The miniature uses the non-standard 32mm scale, to improve the quality of the details and to facilitate coloring; it is also supplied with a base measuring 2.79 cm.

Credit to the artist: Arbiter Miniatures (https://arbiterminiatures.gumroad.com)


Prt A - Size: Medium (base 27.9mm)

H: 44,19mm

L: 27,92 mm

P: 27,89 mm


Prt B - Size: Medium (base 27.9mm)

H: 68,88 mm

L: 33,36 mm

P: 34,42 mm


Prt C - Size: Medium (base 27.9mm)

H: 40,48 mm

L: 27,89 mm

P: 27,89 mm

This product is not a toy
Not suitable for children under the age of 10
It may contain small pieces or break
Do not ingest or inhale any component
Forgia degli Orchi assumes no responsibility for incorrect use of its products

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From € 7.50 for the Italian peninsula


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Usually shipped in 4/5 working days